Only one hour from the center of Madrid, Valleyglesias winery offers you the posibility to visit the winery and tasting our wines in an enjoyable way and in a stunning enviroment of wine tourism.
The meeting place is Valleyglesias Restaurant, in the center of San Martin de Valdeiglesias, from where we will depart towards the winery.
Five minutes from San Martin de Valdeiglesias, our winery is located on the top of a hill, between vineyards, in one of the most beautiful wine-growing area of enotourism in D.O.Madrid.

The visit is divided in three parts:

Valdehornos Winery


First part


The vineyard

Location, height, the position of the vineyard. Varieties. Vine-growing works. Special characteristics of this type of growing. What means organic vine-growing?
    • Native varieties?
    • When we must harvest the grapes?
    Of course! It depends on your interest. Don´t be afraid, ask us whatever you want!

    Second part


    The elaboration

    What do we do when the grapes arrive at the winery? What type of machines do we use? How do we select the grapes?

    We will explain you what the fermentation consist on. Characteristics of the fermentation tanks. The differences between red wine and white wine elaboration. Rosé, young red wine, growing wine… You will discover the differences of preparation for all of them.
    Which is the cause of using the barrels? How are the wines made? We´ll tell you how long our wines are in barrels. If we use new barrels or we use used barrels too. If we use barrels only for the red wines or for White wines as well. Does the wine growing end in the barrel?

    Third part


    The tasting

    We´ll taste the wines directly from the tanks, Unbound wines You will be able to check their characteristics, smells, colours…

    Have you ever tasted wine directly from a barrel?. Here, the wine is evolving due to the fact that the barrel is doing its work. Now, What differences can we feel?
    The wine has passed throw the hole process. Finally, the wine can be sold!
    An impressive evolution! Right?
    We will enjoy a little snack to go with the tasting!


    The winery can be visited any day of the year by an arranged appointment.

    The visit includes:
    A guided tour to the vineyard and the winery, a tasting of at least 5 diferent wines, and a Little snack.
    Send us an email to make a reservation.


    Groups from 1 to 3
    Adult 45€

    Groups from 4 to 5
    Adult 30€

    Groups from 6 to 10
    Adult 20€

    Gropus from 11 to 20
    Adult 15€

    At the end of the visit you can buy all of our wines with a very special Price!

    Enotourism in four seasons


    We are waitting you!!!

    Send us an email requesting day and number of people and we will respond to you as soon as possible.