Our ancestors were viticultors like so many other families in this area. His job was to replant the vines that were dying because of the plague of phylloxera. For this, they had a strong group of women who were the ones who made the grafts. Once the grafts spent the winter in the nursery of the family, when the spring arrived the new vines were planted in the field to form a new vineyard.
With the passing of the generations the field work was abandoned and the family was dedicated to other tasks. And it is now a century later when we again look towards our roots and begin a path full of strength and illusion.

YEAR 1870


The fundamental work of the family was the replanting of all the vineyards that were devastated by the plague of phylloxera.
Despite the fact that our wines were already being produced, they were exclusively for family consumption.

YEAR 1998


First elaborations in an old winery. With hardly any means, we take out grape harvests of just 5,000 kg. from grape. The resulting wines were not commercialized but they served as a base to gain experience.

YEAR 2002


Within the business incubator of San Martin the winery begins to take form. We acquire new machinery and obtain the qualification of the Wines of Madrid Denomination of Origin. First wines for sale only locally.

YEAR 2010


After a lot of work, finally since 2010 we have an authentic winery located in a privileged environment. On the top of a hill and in the middle of the vineyards. The dream is taking shape!