May 14, 2015

Gathered in an extraordinary meeting on January 6, 2011 the founding members of Valleyglesias Bodegas SL Luis and Fernando Ocana, the Honorary President of the winery Fernando Ocaña Sr. and the rest of the Ocana and Cebrecos family (my wife’s) agreed on the following:
Creating a Blog.
Or something like that because I do not really remember exactly how it happened. We had a few glasses of wine and our reasoning was somewhat blurry… Everything has emerged following a remark about the need to update our site and what would be the best way.
I was telling them that people who had entered, by coincidence I suppose, to were telling me that what they liked the most about the page were the comments we made in 1st person. And EUREKA! It was like a revelation, there was the solution to the problem of updating the content of our page. Turned out that we were doing a blog without even knowing!
The truth is, that once the euphoric effect of the wine passed, I left it, until this week that an unfortunate event led me to read the blog of a friend, It was the push I needed to get on with it. First thing to do, was to call my brother to tell him that we were starting with this, once and for all. And to agree on the best way to tell our story, or perhaps sing it, since that is how he expresses his feelings best. . And the second, to put our brains to work and decide on what would be the first thing to tell about our winery. As there were so many things to say and did not know where to start, I thought it would best to explain the reason for introducing a blog on on a winery web page.
So now, I will tell you what you will find in
Starting today, and hopefully with some regularity, we will tell you, sometimes myself others my brother Luis, all that is “cooking” or better yet, all that is “fermenting” in the winery. Always giving a personal touch to any of the things we do or we go through. Sometimes we will tell you about the fairs we attend, others the harvest work, the winery, our trips to support our sales abroad, the Valleyglesias day to day. In these entries to our blog we will leave evidence of our emotions, experiences, opinions, that most of the time won’t even concur.
We hope you enjoy it.