Fernando Ocaña. Sénior.

As my wife says, despite being on my 70s, I am still pretty well “underpinned” to engage in business activities with my children. Power and knowledge does not fail me; but when it comes to making decisions my opinions and arguments do not count much.  Suftlety

After starting our wine business with Valleyglesias Winery and Wines, we decided to go a step further, driven by our musical vocation and opened Valleyglesias Wine & Music Bar. Both activities are closely related to a family tradition that goes back to my grandparents.



I identify myself more with the VITICULTURE range. I had to read a lot about the modern culture of vines, learn about its mechanism of production and based on the AXIOM that truth is what works and give you results, I thought that, to find it, maybe I should make a trip not only to but also from. And so I decided to collect and rescue information from the people who have always cared and lived with this plant, all their life in this PRIORATE to answer all my questions. Everyone agrees: “You need direct contact with each vine to understand. Not everything is in the books, not the practice, so take advantage of our experience (they give me lots of good advice), practice and pursue. Practice that even though you know you will not reach perfection, at least you will almost be an expert, when you have made all the mistakes. For there are many uncertainties affecting the production (they listed many) and some others that you will stumble across. But … it’s a plant so grateful that will fill you with pride in each harvest.



Processing VINÍCOLA  is responsibility of my children, They are more skilled and agile to move into this field. It pertains more to science and technology, which imposes more solutions and progress rather than change, requiring quickness and agility to act since as you have little time to ponder. Because if you stop, something else is already happening.

I am on tradition what my children are on evolution. They are of the opinion that if you accept the dominant idea, you can only know what you already know.

Trying to combine and concentrate in a bottle, science, technology and art.
So our region and community regain the prestige they had 400 years ago.

Burn incense……