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“Historically, the Garnacha from San Martin was known for being the base of tough and strong wines. Not anymore. Now the priority is its elegance.”

(Appellation of Origin): Wines of Madrid

Gredos Mountain

Garnacha: late maturing and vertical growing. Medium size clusters, conical and compact. Red fruit aromas (strawberry, cherry, blackberry)

Different plots in the Valdehornos area. Reduced extension vineyards. Only old vines dried in tanks, 2 kg per vine. Soil weathered granite that comes from the natural decay of the rock and provide acidity and a high mineral expression.

Cold maceration. Grapes partially stemmed. After fermentation, they remain in deposit for 30 days. Aged in French oak barrels for 9 months.

Deep cherry color, with slight purplish hues in thin layer. Clean and bright, with a middle layer. Good and abundant tears form after swirling.

Notes of red fruits, cherry, strawberry compote, well assembled with input from the barrel in aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and some black pepper.

Sweet entrance on the palate with soft and well-polished tannins. The right acidic content gives a lively and fresh touch to the winel.

2.000 bottles.

These vineyards were replanted after the phylloxera plague and are still productive today, nearly 100 years later. Vineyards that have been cared for by past generations and now the responsibility is upon us and soon will have to be accepted by future generations. Traditional land work without the use of pesticides, herbicides or any kind of systemic substance. The way it has always been done and is so “trendy” now. Call it sustainable, biodynamic or organic viticulture. Whatever way you like it. The name refers to those elderly vineyards with very low productivity, authentic relics of past times that sprout each spring to show us the way forward.