For those who don’t know, the Viña de Madrid Awards are held every year and reward the best wines of Madrid on that particular year.
Honestly, in this 2015 edition, I had big expectations. However, the result has been better than expected, much better! And although the prizes haven’t been awarded yet, they have communicated the results to the all the wineries.
To sum it all up; we were awarded 3 prizes:
Gran Viña de Madrid to La Pájara 2014.
Vina de Madrid Oro for Albillo-Moscatel 2014.
Vina de Madrid Oro for Garnacha Rock 2013.

Like other times when any of our wines were awarded, people ask me which award has made me happier. The ones received for the wines or the ones received when I won a MTB race. Truth is, that the joy of winning a MTB race was more “personal”, In other words, it was an individual prize for your efforts. I could probably share the excitment, but that was it. The reward was exclusively for you and your closest circle.
Instead, receiving an award for our wines, of course it is a tremendous joy, but it is completely different. There are many people behind each and every wine. You can’t make wine by yourself, there is a lot of people involved in the process. From the winegrower who has taken care of the strains, the harvester who has taken care of the clusters the way I asked, those who have been with me in the cellar, to the friends who have given me a hand when I’ve had technical problems….Many people in fact.
But esentially, this award is shared with my father, who spends everyday day in the cellar and the vineyard working tirelessly; with my brother who is the head of Valleyglesias Wine & Music Bar representing our wines and especially with our families, who have always been there, supporting us and trusting our work.
These, are for you…