Bodegas ValleYglesias is the result of the madness of two brothers who come from worlds very different from that of wine. WE DECIDED TO SUPPORT OUR LAND.

Valleyglesias Winery is the pioneer private winery of Sierra Gredos, an authentic family winery.
Valleyglesias Restaurant is the showcase where we are reflected; combination of tradition and modernity but always with quality as a point of reference.


Fernando Ocaña

After 11 years professionally dedicated to MTB, I decided that the time had come to leave behind the suffering, the pressure of the competition, the stress… How confused I was, the world of wine is the same!

Luis Ocaña

For all the places where I have passed with my music, I have always proudly carried a piece of my land. My “World” I show you with my songs, in the restaurant I show you my “Earth”.

Fernando Ocaña SR

After I retired I decided to collect and rescue information from the people who have cared for and lived the vine all their lives, and… put it into practice.

Mrs. Nicolasa

The one that controls everything.

A word is enough to the wise


This story begins with our great-grandfather Ramiro Ocaña, born in 1860. Like so many other families in this area, our ancestors dedicated themselves to the fields, they were winegrowers. After the arrival of the phylloxera in Madrid, which meant the total loss of the vineyards, around the second decade of the 20th century, the family went from cultivating their vineyards to replanting the vines that were dying from the phylloxera plague. . For this they had a hard-working gang of women who were the ones who made the grafts. Once the grafts spent the winter in the family nursery, when spring came the new vines were planted in the field to form a new vineyard.

As the generations passed, the field work was abandoned and the family dedicated themselves to other trades. And it is now a century later when we once again look to our roots and start on the road full of strength and hope.



The fundamental work of the family was the replanting of all the vineyards that were devastated by the phylloxera plague.
Although we made our wines back then, they were exclusively for family consumption.



First elaborations in an old farmhouse. Without means, we can carry out harvests of just 5,000 kilos of grapes. The resulting wines were not commercialized but served as a basis for gaining experience.



Inside the San Martín business incubator, the winery begins to take shape. We acquire new machinery and obtain the qualification of the Designation of Origin Wines of Madrid. First wines for sale only locally.



After a lot of work, finally since 2010 we have had an authentic winery located in a privileged environment. At the top of a hill and in the middle of the vineyards. ! The dream is taking shape!